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The 4 Simple Steps That Took Me From Frustrated, Depressed And Miserable To Living The Dream Of Influence, Income, and Happiness!

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Meet Steve

Steve is a Public Speaker / Trainer / Success Coach. He is passionate about helping others overcome obstacles that prevent their success. He is a certified life coach, sports psychology coach, and successful entrepreneur.

Are you struggling to get to the next level?
You know there is more, but you can't seem to get there. You are not alone. Steve struggled for years to get to the next level. He was not happy. In fact, He was miserable. He had a negative outlook on life.

Steve told himself that success was for only a few people that got lucky. He got determined. He started to study success. He started to search for success. He read books. He went to seminars and He hired a performance coach, someone who believed in him, pushed him, and gave him strategies to get to the next level. He started to get results. The results motivated him to grow more. He was able to reach levels success, he once thought was only for a few lucky ones.

He started to master his mind. he became a certified life coach, and a certified sports psychology coach. During this process, he learned how to control his mind.

Our thoughts determine are focus. Our focus determines are emotions, and our emotions have a significant impact on our actions. Ultimately, our actions determine our success or failure.

If we can learn to control our thoughts, we can control our lives. Steve grew up in a very negative environment. He was taught to see the negative side of everything. He believed he was not good enough, smart enough, and would just need to settle for less.

In his book "Results or Excuses" he tells parts of his story and how changing his thoughts changed his life.

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"If you are looking for sn outstanding coach, look no further than Steve. He will motivate you, push you and be your biggest supporter. Our family has known and worked with Steve for almost 12 years, and have had positive results from his coaching! Give Steve a try! You won't be disappointed!"

Susan W

"Greatest mentor one could have asked for at a young age. Forever thankful!"

Braden H.

"Holding a higher leadership level in the management, there are several personnel issues I encounter daily. This book has helped expose a potential root cause and give a better chance to resolving those problems. Especially, the chapter on those people that always have a problem, a problem they refuse to solve because it gives them a connection to those willing to listen. If they get rid of the problem they resolve the connection. There is some really great information that can help on a personal level and turn your excuses into results."

Brandon P.

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